DAA Daily

Children Endangered in Locked cars, elevators, and rooms

On March 3 around 7.30 pm, a 4-year-old little girl died after being locked in her dad’s car for several hours. Two hours after coming back from his shopping trip with his four children, the family noticed the girl was missing. When the father went to the vehicle, he found her body motionless in the front seat. Reports show she had suffocated. 

Since the beginning of 2020 till the end of February this year, 212 children who got stuck in cars, elevators, rooms, or bathrooms had needed rescuing, a top officer in Dubai said. In the year 2020, the Dubai Police rescued about 186 children. These rescues include 53 from locked cars, 9 from elevators, and 124 from rooms and bathrooms. 26 kids were rescued from locked cars, rooms, and elevators this year, over the course of two months. 

The Police official also mentioned even though the safest environment for a child is home, parents of the child must follow safety precautions and keep their eyes on their children.

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