DAA Daily

Ajman Shopping Centre Closed For Violating Covid-19 Rules

By: Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A shopping center in Ajman was shut down and fined 5,000 Dhs by the Ajman Police, when a video surfaced showing them neglecting the necessary covid precautions, and exceeding the capacity of shoppers in the centre. 

It began with the shop offering a large amount of discounts to attract customers, but the centre failed to apply the precautionary and preventive measures that would limit the spread of Covid-19, the key one being social distancing. 

Disgruntled shoppers took pictures and videos of the situation, showcasing the shopping centre’s failure to protect the community. 

The Crisis Disasters and Emergency team stressed the importance of adhering to all the preventative measures to help limit the spread of the pandemic and reduce the number of infected cases. 

The authorities have mentioned that they will take firm and strict measures on all establishments violating the necessary precautions, to ensure the safety of the community. 

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