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“Women Talk Too Much”, According to the Head Chairman of Japan’s Organizing Committee

By: Sophie Ellner, Editor in Chief, The Pawprint

The latest olympic scandal involves the chairman for Japan’s organizing committee.The Olympic Chief, Yoshiro Mori, who is the former prime minister of Japan has a record of being insensitive and making sexist comments about women. 

Last Thursday, he stated that the women at the olympic organizing committee talked way too much, extending the meeting time. He is now resigning from this top position. 

An online petition was made to get him to resign after his remarks. More than 146,000 people signed it. A poll was conducted as well and the data showed less than 7% of people thought Mori was qualified to do this job.

The suitability of Yoshiro Mori as chairman was not the only concern people had when it came to the Olympics, many fans wondered how the games would continue with Covid-19 and the new variants spreading around the world. The possibility of bringing 11,091 athletes, their staff and thousands of spectators from around the world was a real concern and the Olympics could be a superspreader.

Covid-19 Updates:

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics  have already been pushed back a year later to July 23rd – August 8th 2021. 

The Delivery Officer of the 2021 Olympics, Nakamura Hidemasa, stated,“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the daily lives of people around the world, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games need to adapt accordingly…”

Organizers from the Tokyo team recently announced that athletes participating in the games will not be required to get vaccinated in order to play their designated sport. 
The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has made a playbook about safety regulations for participants and spectators. The IOC has not confirmed if fans will be allowed to watch the games live but the head of the IOC stated “This makes us all very, very confident we can have spectators in the Olympic stadium next year.”

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