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Pakistani Pair Pose as Dubai Police Officers to Kidnap Man

By: Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The Dubai Court of First Instance announced on Sunday that a 28 year old Pakistani man had been kidnapped and robbed by two other Pakistani men who posed as police officers.

The man was getting ready to sleep at his shared home located in Al Karama, when the two defendants aged 28 and 35 entered the place asking for his name.

“They posed as policemen and told me that they needed to escort me to the police station. I refused and told them that I didn’t [commit] any crime or any offence, but they attacked me and tied my hands. They used a mask to blindfold me and took me to their car,” the victim stated in official records.

The defendants then stole 3,200 Dhs and the victims mobile phone.

They asked the victim if there were any complaints against him with the police but, he insisted that he was just a man living in Dubai without any criminal record. 

The victim was then returned to his building when a police officer stopped the defendants.

The 24 year old policeman testified that he was patrolling in the area when he noticed the suspicious vehicle and stopped them. The victim told the police officer that he was taken by the defendants and displayed his hands to show the injuries from the handcuffs. 

“I asked the suspects for their IDs. One showed me his Emirates ID and the second was searching his mobile phone for a copy of his ID when I spotted a picture of the victim tied. He was trying to delete the pictures but I took his phone,” the police officer stated.

The officer then searched their car and found 2.5 million Dhs in fake banknotes. 

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the two defendants with; posing as policemen, kidnapping, robbery and possessing fake currency.

Their next hearing is scheduled for March 16th.

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