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Man arrested for stealing camel as a gift for his girlfriend

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features editor, The Pawprint 

A man was arrested for taking a baby camel from a farm as a gift for his girlfriend on her birthday, Al Bayan reported on Wednesday. 

The Director of Bur Dubai Police station, said that the man and his girlfriend chose to report the camel as being found close to their own farm, out of fear that the theft would be discovered. 

He said the police got a report about a camel that had vanished a couple of hours after it was born. The police sent a group to the area of the incident yet couldn’t discover any proof pointing to a thief. 

A couple of days after, the police got a report from a man who said he’d found a baby camel near his own farm. A group was dispatched to the man’s farm however was unconvinced by his story. The police chose to research and look in further, as the distance between the two farms were 3 kilometers, with a street between the two farms, and an infant camel would not have been able to achieve that distance.

Upon additional questioning, the man admitted that he took the baby camel, which belongs to a rare breed and is very expensive, in order to gift it to his girlfriend for her birthday, The Director of Bur Dubai Police station noted. 

The man added that he’d entered the farm around evening time to take the baby camel, and afterward made up a fake story about discovering the camel at his own farm. 

The Director of Bur Dubai Police station said that the police returned the baby camel to the rightful owner and referred the stealing man and his girlfriend to the public prosecution on charges of taking the camel and giving police false information.

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