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UAE Celebrates Hope Probe Landing

By: Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On February 10th at around 8 PM, the Emirates Hope Probe successfully landed on mars. UAE is now the 5th country to have landed on Mars after the USA, Russia, EU, and India. 

This incredible occasion has given Emiratis a significant sense of pride, and congratulations have been pouring in from all around, as it is also the first arab country to reach mars.

After receiving the news, the Burj Khalifa lit up in display for a celebratory light show. This was visible through multiple live streams and on local news channels.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE, thanked the workers of the Mohammed Bin Rashed Space Center.

“The Emirati people’s happiness today is indescribable,” Sheikh Mohamed said. “Congratulations to you and to the Emirates and to our Arab Nation … you have honored us.”

Ismail Ali Abdallah, CEO of Strata manufacturing said that “Hope Probe is going to study the erosion of weather and the atmosphere around Mars. All the data will be provided to more than 200 science institutions and universities. It is an investment we have made. The past six years we have achieved knowledge from around the world. What we are trying to do here in the UAE is trying to build a knowledge based economy. Young engineers are the bedrock for the next 50 years in the UAE.”

The probe has three scientific instruments built in that will create the first complete portrait of the martian atmosphere. These instruments will also collect different data points on the atmosphere in order to keep track of the seasonal changes.

This information will give scientists an idea of what climate dynamic and weather are like in different layers of the atmosphere. This will also shed light on how energy and particles (like oxygen and hydrogen), move through the atmosphere and how they leave Mars.

One of the goals of the mission is also to help build a knowledge based economy for the UAE, leading to more investments in STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for young Emiratis.

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