DAA Daily

The Impeachment trials

By: Sami Al Saleh, Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

On January 13th, the House voted 232 to 197 to impeach former President Donald Trump over “incitement of insurrection”. 

This means that the trial moved forward however even if convicted by a two thirds majority meaning 67 senators vote to convict, there are no immediate consequences. However after convicting him, the senate could hold a vote and with a simple 51-49 majority, bar him from holding public office ever again.

Many think that there won’t be enough votes to convict as 44 senators voted that the process itself is unconstitutional and that it cannot proceed because Donald Trump is no longer President and these 44 senators would most likely vote against the conviction thus making the two thirds majority impossible. 

Former President Trump’s legal team is arguing that since he is not still holding public office he cannot be impeached and that his speech given during the riots at the capitol is protected under the first amendment whereas the Democrats are arguing that he can be impeached and that his actions were a direct incitement to the violence caused on January 6th.

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