DAA Daily

300 women donate their hair to cancer patients

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features Editor, The Pawprint 

Over 200 women from across the UAE cut their hair short for the sake of cancer patients. The hair old brand “Dabur Amla” launched the hair donation drive in October 2020, there aim of this drive was to encourage women to donate their hair to be converted into wigs for cancer patients. 

Eighteen-year-old Nour Ahmad took part in this campaign, she says “This is such a simple yet meaningful way to morally support those who have had to face the side effects of chemotherapy. I encourage everyone who is capable to go ahead and make a donation since empowered women empower women”. 

The campaign is called ‘Strong Hair Stronger You’; it was held in a collaboration with non-profit organization Friends of Cancer Patients, and salon and spa chain Tips and Toes Salons. In around two months, 60kg of hair was donated due to the drive.

Since the launch of this campaign, they have received almost 1,000 registration of which over 300 have already donated their hair. The CEO of Dabur International, said, “We are overwhelmed by the participation of so many thoughtful people who have been instrumental in making our effort a success. Cancer survivors are winners against all odds, and we are glad to bring a smile to those winners in life, through this initiative”.

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