DAA Daily

Three men on trial for stealing DH56,758 worth of food products.

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features editor, The Pawprint 

Three Asian men are standing trial after they were caught stealing food products that were worth DH56,758 from a store in Ras Al Khor in Dubai. 

The public trial records show that the case dates backed to the 18th October 2020 when one of the workers of the store had noticed that the door, he closed the night before, was open and the lock had been broken. He also found that a few of the products were missing, involving 49 packets of saffron spray and masala powder. 

The man of the store called the police. They then reviewed the CCTV footage and managed to find the trio breaking into the store a couple hours after the worker closed the storehouse. The suspects used a pick-up vehicle to steal the products. The police managed to identify the trio and arrested them. After the accused confessed to committing the robbery. The prosecution referred them to criminal court for trial.

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