DAA Daily

The UAE allowing the vaccine to be taken from the age 16 and above

By: Inji Al-bukhari, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

When the vaccine arrived in the UAE it was only allowed for the first line such as healthcare workers and military etc.. Later it was allowed to the public but only for people who are above 60 or suffer from chronic diseases. The UAE later allowed people who are above 18 to be vaccinated. Now that the UAE has witnessed a spike in the cases since january 1st the cases spiked up to over 3,400 daily. The UAE have allowed people who are 16 and above to receive the vaccine.

1,167,251  people have already received the vaccine which has placed the UAE one of the highest vaccine distributors. A rate of Covid19 vaccine doses distribution of 25.12 doses per 100 people has been achieved for medically eligible groups who meet all requirements. 

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