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Liverpool 0-1 Southampton

By: Sami Al Saleh, Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

On 5th january 2021, Liverpool kicked off their first game of the new year in a game they needed to win to be able to stay top of the league regardless of other teams results. However when they played Southampton this wasn’t the case. 

Liverpool were denied two clear penalties, one was a clear handball which the referee for whatever reason decided was allowed as long as it was against Liverpool and the second was a blatant foul against Sadio Mane where the defender did not touch even a millimeter of the ball and he kneed the lower half of Mane’s leg. Not only that but the only goal of the game came from a freekick into the box which was finished by former Liverpool striker Danny Ings. It was poor defending from Liverpool but the free kick only happened because of a completely incorrect decision from the referee. It has made many fans wonder why the referee Andrew marriner is allowed to get away with cheating and giving false decisions to benefit Liverpool’s opposition. 

Although Liverpool did not play particularly well, they dominated the game with 67% possession and 17 shots with only 1 shot on target. Many people will ask well why only 1 shot on target, well because when liverpool attempted to shoot the Southampton players would either block the shot with their hands which is against the rules but the referee doesn’t mind letting it go for some strange reason or when liverpool are building up an attack, the southampton players would dive in and foul the liverpool players knowing the referee would turn a blind eye to the whole thing. 

Why did Andrew Marrinier do such a poor job in this match and does he have any motivation to give decisions against liverpool? This can only be one of two things which result in the same outcome. Either the referee is purposely letting southampton get away with fouling and handballing and in that case he should be fired and never hired again or he is so bad at his job that he doesn’t understand the rules of football and how the game is played and again in that case he should be fired and never hired again. It is disappointing to see such a disgraceful performance of the referee and whilst the English Premier League strives to be the greatest league in world football, as long as Andrew Marrinier is employed and allowed to officiate games with such negligence and such a lack of understanding of the rules, it can never be that.

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