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KISS’S New Year’s Eve Concert In Dubai Breaks Records

By: Benjamin Turner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

To end off the very difficult 2020 year, Dubai brings iconic Rock Band KISS for the “KISS 2020 Goodbye” event. The multi-platinum selling band played songs from various albums at Atlantis The Palm and hosted by Landmarks.

Landmarks combatted the issue of COVID-19 by hosting the event at Atlantis, meaning that people who booked hotels could watch the event from their balcony.  

The event wasn’t only about the band, however, as the jaw-dropping part of the event was the stage. The stage was built from materials coming from the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as locally. The stage also had LED-lit platforms for the bandmates, which would go up if a band member would have a solo. There were big screens to present the performance, as well as a screen in the middle showing either the KISS logo or clips of their previous concerts while they were performing.  The stage also included a zipline closer to the hotel. 

The event even achieved 2 Guinness World Records, capturing the most Flamethrowers (73) and the Tallest Flame (180ft).

The band played iconic songs like “Detroit Rock City” from the Destroyer album released in 1976, and “Rock and Roll All Nite” from the Dressed to Kill album released in 1975. On top of this, they played a total of 22 songs across 10 albums!

When the New Years’ arrived, the event ended with a boom, with USD 1 Million worth of fireworks and pyrotechnics going off for the celebration of the New Year.

The event did spark some controversy, however, with hardcore fans around the world critiquing KISS for censoring some lyrics, like replacing the line “virgin soul” to “sacred soul”, and removing the word “b***h” from the song “100,000 Years”. 

Also, band member Gene Simmons did not perform his famous blood-spitting theatrics performance. This was to dodge Dubai’s strict Obscenity Laws. Any cursing or graphic actions can be labeled as obscene acts, which can result in a 10,000 AED fine, and possible jail time. It is said that cursing is a crime as it “disgraces the honor or the modesty”

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