DAA Daily

Everything You Need to Know About Dyeing Your Hair at Home

By Ana Chauhan, Daily Digest Editor, The Pawprint

So you want to dye your hair but can’t be bothered to head to the salon. No worries. Once you’ve grabbed your color at the beauty section of any grocery store you can follow these tips and tricks to make sure your hair can come out exactly how you want it to.

Firstly, you’ll need to invest in some gloves and vaseline. I’d suggest getting more than just one pair of gloves, in case the first one rips. Before you get started with the coloring process, you’ll want to wear some gloves and slather a generous amount of vaseline on your forehead, ears, and the back of your neck to make sure you don’t stain your skin. 

If you have dark hair, trying to bleach it at home it can result in an orange splotchy mess. In order to avoid this, it’s best to work in sections. Start from the mid-length of your hair, work your way down to the ends, and then once that is done, apply to your roots. This is because your scalp generates the most heat, so the bleach will process much faster on your roots in comparison to the rest of your head. It can be helpful to wrap your hair in aluminum foil as you go long, or simply tie a plastic wrap around your head. This will speed up the processing time. 

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