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In France over 2500 people break virus restrictions at an Illegal rave

By: Youssef Eid , Website Editor , The Pawprint

In France at an illegal rave party people had originally been planning to party until Tuesday.

When the police showed up they faced fierce hostility.

The party had ended at 5:30 AM on saturday when people started to realise that the party was basically over, people started to leave the two abandoned warehouses.

The Interior minister of France said that all the equipment was seized , And in total 1200 fines were given.

The BBC said ‘’On Friday an interior ministry crisis meeting was held and all vehicle exits from the rave were blocked as police sought to shut down the party.’’

France introduced a strict new curfew from 20:00 until 6:00 before the shortly before the new year.

A similar event happened in Barcelona where the party had been going on for 40 hours before it had been stopped.

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