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Christmas Traditions Around The World

By: Inji Albukhari, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. The time where children get ready to receive all their Christmas gifts and wishes. Of course, Christmas has its traditions but in each country it is different. Each country has its own traditions and beliefs. Here are some of the weirdest traditions all over the world. 

  1. The Philippines- A giant lantern festival is held each year during  Christmas time and is hosted by the city of San Fernando. Everyone starts to gather from all over the country to celebrate this night and participate in the competition, whose purpose is to build the greatest and biggest lantern. 
  1. Sweden– In Sweden they hold a weird tradition of trying to burn down a goat that was built in 1966, in the center of Gävle’s Castle Square. Every year around Christmas time everyone gathers up around the goat and attempts to burn it down. Since 1966 there have been many successful tries. 
  1. Austria- Instead of Santa Claus who punishes little children for being bad by not giving them any gifts, Austria has a demonic creature that frightens the kids. It is  said that he will capture the naughty kids in a sack and take them away from their families.
  1. Norway- This tradition might shock you! On Christmas Eve everyone in Norway hides their brooms. And the reason behind this tradition is when people believed in evil witches and bad spirits back in the days.

Colombia- In honor of Virgin Mary people place paper lanterns on their windows to celebrate this immaculate conception. So while visiting Colombia during Christmas night you will see the amazing view of the lanterns on all the houses.

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