DAA Daily

Top 5 Christmas Novels to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

By: Ana Chauhan, DAA Daily Editor, The Pawprint

  1. Letters from Father Christmas 

By fantasy author J.R.R Tolkien, it’s filled with beautiful letters from the author to his children, written from the point of view of Father Christmas. This whimsical book is best to read by the fire on a cold winter night.

  1. Mr. Dickens and His Carol

A comical and haunting offshoot tale based on the man who wrote A Christmas Carol. This novel is bound to get you inspired this season

  1. The Polar Express

If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, this childhood classic is just for you! The story follows the adventure had by a little boy who boards a train bound for the North Pole on Christmas Eve

  1. Winter Street 

If you’re looking for a romantic read, this book is just the one for you! As charming as it is dysfunctional, this will be one you can’t put down until you finish. 

  1. Christmas in London


When Manhattan baker Louisa learns her gooey treats are a hit with a local production company, she’s recruited to join the team for their annual Christmas Eve dinner special filmed across the pond at the posh Claridge’s hotel. What could be more hallmark than that?

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