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Where To Buy A Christmas Tree In Dubai

By: Benjamin Turner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The chaotic year of 2020 is already almost done, with Christmas nearing. Residents around Dubai are rushing to get Christmas Trees to celebrate the holidays in the desert! Whether people are looking for an artificial tree or a real tree, there are many options to choose from.

Real Christmas Trees:

My Green Chapter-

My Green Chapter is a gardening company based in Al Quoz, that sells a real Christmas tree for the discounted price of 699 AED! If buying both the tree and the stand, it will be 799 AED. The tree is 175 – 200 cm (6-7 ft.) and comes with free shipping. The tree is sourced from Denmark and has both soft and hard needles.

Christmas Trees UAE –

The family-run business imports trees from Quebec Canada, to the UAE for 10 years. They have a selection of trees, with a 6-7 ft tree being 520 AED, and a 7-8 ft tree being 625 AED. On top of that, they’re selling stands for 150 AED, and Wreaths starting at 210 AED.

Spinneys –

A rather unusual entry in this list, Spinneys sells Nordmann firs fresh from Denmark. The fluffy trees are sold in different sizes, and prices start at 159 AED.

Artificial Christmas Trees:

Ace Hardware –

Ace Hardware is a hardware store around Dubai, and sells a 2.1 meter tall Artificial Christmas Tree! The Tree is priced at 1,199 AED and comes along with free shipping. If not willing to pay that much, they also have a mini tree that is only 21.75 AED!


Ikea is selling artificial trees that range from 50cm to two meters. The price ranges from 29 – 265 AED depending on the size. Ikea also offers stockings and ornaments for around 100 AED.

Marks & Spencer –

Marks & Spencer currently sells Christmas Trees from 6-7 ft tall. There are 3 variations of trees with a 6 ft pre lit pine tree for 250 AED, a spruce tree for 350 AED, and a lit snowy tree that has fake snow on top of the tree for 650 AED. 

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