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Oreo Now Gluten Free

By: Talia Conway, Art and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

Big company cooperation oreo comes out with their first ever gluten free cookie! This is a big step for Oreo seeing as their main ingredient is gluten and sugar. 

According to the company, this cookie will be coming to stores in early January 2021. This cookie will be available permanently and will come in their classic and double stuffed. According to BBC, the price of the gluten free oreo will be the same as the classic ones and the company also mentions their intentions to make it taste just like the original. 

Oreo released their launch to the public through the social media app Twitter, where they have over 850k followers. In the photo they showed the packaging for this cookie which will be an unmissable snow white, making it hard to mistake it from the original. 

As one of the world’s most famous cookie brands, fans say that this cookie was long needed. From what can be seen on news sites like BBC and Food & Wine, most customers are happy with the new addition that makes it safer and healthier for everyone.

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