DAA Daily

Kuwait Receives Two Consecutive Rainy Days

By Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On Sunday, Kuwait had gloomy weather and some scattered rain showers. 

The highest recorded temperature on Sunday was 25 degrees Celsius and the lowest was 16 degrees Celsius, according to the Kuwait Meteorological Department. Kuwait experiences cold weather during the winter period, where the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius.

At around 2 am on Monday, it was recorded that there was 6.7 mm of rainfall, with some sunshine right before sunset.

The Ministry of Public Works has taken several measures to prepare for the rainy season by placing pumps and dirt mounds, because Kuwait experiences a lot of flooding when there is heavy rain. In 2018, they witnessed several flash floods where the rain reached 95mm and flooded highways, homes and buildings.

The rates of reckless driving are also under supervision, as many do not drive cautiously during the rainy season. Several citizens have already been fined or arrested for reckless driving, as it endangers themselves and others.

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