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Climate Change – Biden Vs Trump

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features Editor, The Pawprint

Climate change has affected our environment for years. The two presidential candidates’ actions are further from similar when it comes to their plans to help the environment. Citizens of the United States are facing starkly different choices for the next president in 2020.

Donald Trump called climate change a hoax and has taken major steps into removing the US from the 2015 Climate Agreement. The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement is 195 signatories set limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Trump says his priorities are clean air, but he also sought to boost U.S. production of oil and natural gases – objectives that often work against each other. Trump has flaunted the United States record of clean air, but that’s just part of long-term trends. Trump has reinforced legislation that removes waste from oceans, allocated extra funding for national parks and public lands, and he put $38 billion concerning “clean water infrastructure.” The president has deprived of the scientific consensus on climate change, and his management has worked to undergo the mentions of climate change from government websites and overturned many of the climate guidelines put in place since the Obama administration. Trump has tried to push guidelines that back the coal industry, though that sector has continued to its longer-term decline.

Whereas former Vice President, Joe Biden, considered climate change an emergency and promised the people of the United States to rejoin the Paris Agreement. He has many plans like to convene a global climate summit to encourage leaders and to set more determined goals and enforceable targets for reducing greenhouse gas production. Biden’s ambitious clean energy plan would transfer $2 trillion into a rest of research and development goals throughout his first term, with his main objectives being to reach net-zero carbon production by 2050 – Biden intends to modernize. Biden needs to create American framework, putting resources into clean energy and make atmosphere centered advances in both the auto and transportation companies to eliminate discharges and increment position openings. Strikingly, he says that his arrangement for the vehicle business will make 1 million new openings with the alternative to be important for an association. There is a lot at stake for the climate in this 2020 election. Biden also explicitly addresses environmental justice and promises to distribute 40% of his perfect energy plan’s speculations toward minority and lower-pay networks all the more regularly influenced by environmental change. The arrangement would make a division inside the Justice Department that would control and punish businesses for their natural consequences for networks.

We can see that overall there is a significant difference between how Trump and Biden want to solve issues for climate change. Evidently, Biden has more of a plan than Trump, and if Biden is not elected president, our climate is on the line, which would be detrimental to our environment.

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