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Movies to Watch on Halloween!

By: Talia Conway, Arts and Entertainment Editor, Pawprint

Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler:

Rated: 13+

When watching this movie all I could think about saying was, “what is going on?” Adam Sandler produces and stars in his new movie Hubie Halloween. The story follows a modern day citizen in the town of Salem who goes by the name Hubie. This quirky movie shows us how an everyday underdog can rise up and become something great. Even though most of the characters are very childish, it’s overall a good movie to watch with your family and a bowl of popcorn.

A Babysitter’s Guide: to Monster Hunting:

Rated: 7+

A secret society of babysitters find themselves in some trouble when the boy they are watching gets kidnapped and they have to escape the scary boogie man’s clutches. This movie is a great family friendly option compared to most Halloween movies that usually fall under the horror category. This movie was a tad cheesy, but it was also a great watch!

Fantasy Island :

Rated: 13+

This story follows a group of people who get invited to an island, each person is told that their deepest darkest desires will be fulfilled. As we go further into the movie we see more clearly that everything isn’t what it seems on this island. This movie is produced under the infamous horror house “Blum House”, expectations were high for this movie but it did seem to disappoint viewers. Even though it wasn’t as good as the original it is still a must watch for Halloween.

The Babysitters: Killer Queen:

Rated: 18+

The Babysitters: Killer Queen was a sequel to the hit 2017 film The Babysitter. This story follows Cole, a teenager who struggles with his mental health after going through traumatic events from the first movie. One night when Cole ran away with his friend Melanie, he saw that he had not escaped his past when everyone came back to life for one night. This movie was really cheesy at some parts but did have an amazing soundtrack. I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie with your parents but it still is a great watch for some late night fun.

The Devil All The Time:

Rated: 18+

The Devil All the Time stars major Hollywood stars such as Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sebastian Stan and Robert Pattinson. This psychological thriller movie is set in a post World War 2 backwards town. The main character Arvin who is played by Tom Holland desperately tries to protect everybody he loves in a town where everybody is corrupt. Unlike all the previous movies this one was a lot more serious and was quite enjoyable besides the slow pace in storytelling.

Social Dilemma

Rated: 13+

Even though you wouldn’t count this movie a thriller or a movie you would typically watch on Halloween it sure is scary enough to count as a real life horror movie. Social dilemma is a documentary on how social media tracks your life and is able to persuade you to make major  life choices based on a swipe. Personally, this will be my scariest halloween movie from 2020 because no matter how many jump scare movies like it might have, it could never compare to the everlasting fear of social media you will gain after seeing this movie.


Speed round:


Rated: R

Horror movie legend created one of the most staple halloween moves following the final girl trope. This movie definitely is packed with jump scares and thriller twists and is a perfect watch for a late night scare! 


Rated: 13+

Halloween is one of the most recreated movies of all time, every make gets better but nothing compares to the 1978 original. This movie follows serial killer Michael and the night of his escape, he follows the last living member of his family in an attempt to finish the bloodline off. This movie is a classic that every movie buff should watch.


Rated: R

Late bloomer Carrie has been abused and bullied all her life whether that was from her own mother or her classmates, Carrie finds out she is psychic and what she does next is up to you to find out. This movie is totally different from the standard plot line or tropes that most halloween movies follow and is a perfect watch in its own way.


Rated: G

Halloweentown is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie. This story follows a seemingly normal girl named Marnie until finding out her true witch descendants and embracing them. This movie is great to watch if you are not really into being scared, it has a great plot line and is a fun family friendly movie. 

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