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Pop Culture Halloween Costumes ideas for Halloween 2020

By: Carlota Baudin, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

This year’s most popular TV shows, movies and other big moments offer incredible inspiration on halloween costume ideas.

Harley Quinn from Bird of Prey: For this costume all you need is a bunch of colorful pieces, including a pink sports t-shirt, a frilly moto jacket, and blue or denim shorts and a mallet accessory completes the look.

Rue from Euphoria: For this costume you need a long red jacket with a long tee-shirt and biker shorts. Glittery makeup and messy hair.  

Black Widow: For this black widow costume you need a pair of a black bodysuit with a tactical belt and a red wig. 

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez from the super bowl: This costume is to do with a friend and one will go as gold and the other as silver and it can be any clothes you want.  

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones: For this last costume idea all you need is a the classic Breaker of Chains Costume as well as a Deanerrys wig and some brown boots 

Sabrina from the movie Sabrina: For this costume you need a dark red dress with a flower lace collar and a black head band   

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