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Is The Pandemic Increasing Mental Illness?

By: Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A global pandemic was one of the last things people were expecting in 2020. There’s no doubt that it has taken a serious toll on people’s mental and physical health. With over 1.13 million deaths 41.2 million total cases, it has the potential to kill a large amount of the population. We have had to adapt to a completely different lifestyle, by wearing masks in public and constantly social distancing. Not to mention all of the limitations on social events like weddings, funerals, and parties. 

A study by the World Health Organization has revealed that “Just the fact of someone wondering if he is positive for COVID is like having a stigma and something that is threatening his life… and that affects, of course, his behavior. 

“This type of thinking can bring about various psychological problems, because of the constant stress about your health. Many have reported experiencing more anxiety in their life since the pandemic, as well as phobias and fears of germs and sickness. 

The pandemic can affect children even more so because of their still developing mind. Nowadays they are much more likely to develop anxiety and stress disorders, as well as an increased risk of stunted social skills. Not being able to interact with people your age in real life situations has caused some children to become more secluded, and less interactive. 

It is important that we know how to handle people’s behaviour, as it is a very delicate situation. It is encouraged that you should often speak to your family members and close friends, to make sure that they are doing okay. Understanding that it is normal to feel negative emotions during this time can help you accept them and deal with your emotions in a positive way.
To conclude, it is clear that the pandemic has heavily increased people’s risk of being susceptible to certain mental illnesses. With more awareness however, we can help people during these difficult times. The Thrive Wellness Centre has a website that offers several resources to gain support and learn how to manage anxiety during this pandemic. For more information, you can visit https://www.thrive.ae/.

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