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World’s First Heated Gillette Razor Launched In UAE

By Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

GilletteLabs has introduced the world’s first ever heated razor in the UAE. With a regular razor, it is dipped in hot water because heat helps speed up hair hydration. The razor however, will start to cool down only after a few strokes. 

With this new Hi-Tech razor, the heat will be sustained with a “warming bar”, so that you have a comfortable shave. The razor comes with adjustable temperature levels, which means that by pressing a button you can fit the razor to choose what’s comfortable for you. 

This new gadget has passed the Engadget people’s Choice awards in the USA, when it was shown at a Consumer electronics show in January.

In terms of charging, it comes with a wireless magnetic charging dock that is very easy to use. It’s battery life lasts up to 6 shaves, depending on how long you use it. 

After testing the razor in a multitude of men, all have come back with positive results. For people who want to take their personal care to the next level, this is definitely the razor for you. 
It is now available for purchase at www.theartofshaving.ae, amounting to AED 772. The website also has a large range of grooming products like shave care, beard care, skin care and much more.

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