DAA Daily

A Second Jetpack Incident At LAX Airport

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features Editor, The Pawprint

A man was flying in a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport. This man has not yet been identified. But a witness says that the man was spotted by a flight crew member on Wednesday at around 1:45p.m. 

The Federal Aviation Administration says, “A China Airlines crew reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jetpack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet, and seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport”. 

The FAA said it notified local law enforcement agencies and are investigating the incident. 

On September 1st a similar sighting of a man in a jetpack near the Los Angeles Airport has also been reported to the FAA. An American Airlines crew member was the first to report a man in a jetpack at the plane’s height of 3,000 feet above the airport. 

The aircraft staff say that the man was approximately 30 yards away from the plane. And after one plane spotted the man, another aircraft spotted the man too. The FBI is now investigating the two jetpack incidents and are trying to identify who these men are, or if they are the same person. 

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