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Will schools go back to online remote learning?

By: Ebba Lindh, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

In December 2019 the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. Ever since, the cases have spread and turned into a world pandemic. The Coronavirus has spread across the whole world and has had a big impact on how the world is functioning nowadays. The virus has forced countries to be on lockdown, shut schools down, and have forced people to be quarantined. 

In March 2020 schools in the UAE decided to close down because they saw that the number of cases started to go up. Now daily reported cases are higher and the school remain open. What has changed? 

In March, students started spring break early and then spent an initial two weeks online.  be as This changed dramatically during the 4 weeks off school. As the time has passed Covid-19 turned into a global pandemic so schools across the whole world needed to be closed. 

The cases blew up and it was decided that schools will continue to do their online remote learning until the end of the academic year. The summer in the U.A.E. came and the cases kept on increasing. U.A.E installed restrictions so people could only go out during specific times, then the 24/7 lockdown came where you could only leave your house for doctors appointments, emergency and food.

The 2020-2021 academic school year started about a month ago for the students in the U.A.E. Schools have offered different options for the students. Some of them have full remote learning, while others have the option of doing what is called 50/50 or blended learning, meaning half of the week students are in school and the other days students will be remote learning. Additionally, a few schools haven’t given the option and put the students in school full time. 

Returning residents from their summer vacations has contributed to a rise in new Covid cases, according to authorities.

There has not been any new announcements on new restrictions apart from the social distancing rules in schools. There should be no excuse to not wear a mask, and wash your hands. As for now students keep on following the rules and cases have been in more control under the past weeks.

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