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Glass To Save Arctic Ice?

By Dalila Hashish, News Editor, The Pawprint

The Arctic Ice Project, first thought of in 2008, is what scientists are using as their last resort to save the Arctic. The Project consists of spreading a layer of reflective glass powder over the Arctic. This would mimic the effect of Arctic ice, reflecting sunlight and allowing the white ice to build again.

With the Arctic ice melting too fast, and all ways of stopping it are either taking place too slowly or not working, scientists have now turned to slightly more unconventional methods. 

One of the most unique features of the blinding white Arctic ice is its ability to reflect sunlight, however as ice melts, it turns into dark blue water, which absorbs sunlight rather than reflect it.

Scientists are now planning on putting the California-based non-profit Arctic Ice Project to the test.

1 Comment on Glass To Save Arctic Ice?

  1. Very interesting topic and great report👍🏻

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