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Michael Jordan Becomes the Owner of a NASCAR Team

Joaquin Heredia, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On Monday September 21, billionaire and six time NBA champion Micheal Jordan became the owner of his own NASCAR team. 

Jordan has appointed Bubba Walece, a professional NASCAR driver ranking 23rd in the world, to be the lead driver of this team. Bubba announced he would be leaving Richard Petty Motorsports, his current team, toward the end of the season. Sources point to Jordan selecting Bubba in hope of making NASCAR more racially inclusive and adding diversity to the sport, seeing as Bubba is the only black driver at the top level of the sport, and has expressed his Support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

MJ isn’t doing this alone, for he partnered with Denny Hamlin and the two purchased a team charter of cars for Bubba from a German Company. The relationship between Jordan and Denny started back in 2006, when Denny attended various Charlotte Hornets NBA games where he met Micheal who is the owner of the team. The two became very close, Jordan expressing his love for NASCAR and Denny expressing his love for Basketball. 

The details of the team are still to be determined. However, the talent is Denny, Bubba and the competitive nature of MJ will promise great success in the future.

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