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LA Clippers Shock Elimination from Playoffs after blowing a 3-1 Lead.

Joaquin Heredia, Sports editor The Pawprint.

On Wednesday (September 16), the LA Clippers, led by last season’s MVP Khawi Leonard, lost 104-89 to an inferior Denver Nuggets team in the NBA Western Conference semi-final. The LA Clippers were expected to go far in this season with an all-star team including Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Doc Rivers. 

The Denver Nuggets, led by 23 year old Jamal Murray, were down 3-1 in a best of 4 series, but they had been here before against the Utah Jazz last month. 

The Clippers blew multiple double digit leads to close out the series, but now had to face them in a game 7. It is widely believed that the pressure got to the Clipper captain and he flat out choked. 

He scored a measly 14 points to Jamal Murrays 40. This was unexceptable from a player of his calibre. He had to show up, dominate, score, and be the best player on the floor. Instead he let his team down, and now the Clippers team and organization are going to have to think about making some big changes. 

Clippers coach, Doc Rivers, who won a  championship with Boston Celtics in 2008, has been in charge for seven years now and has failed to bring them to the playoffs and has just blown a 3-1 lead for the third time. 

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