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Coronavirus is Killing Around 50,000 People a Week

Lana Abdulrahman, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

On September 19th, during a news conference at the Geneva headquarters regarding COVID-19, executive director of The World Health Organization’s health emergencies program, Dr. Mike Ryan stated that the coronavirus is “not going away,” noting that it’s still killing about 50,000 people a week. 

The World Health Organization, regional director for Europe Dr. Hans Kluge on September 17th reminded how they’ve been warning the rest for weeks about a catastrophic rising number of COVID-19 cases. For the past two weeks more than half of European countries have reported a 10% or greater increase in cases 

“Entering their winter season in terms of people coming together more indoors. There’s a lot of work to do in order to avoid amplification events, drive down transmission of this epidemic, protect the opening of schools, and protect the most vulnerable in our society from severe disease and death” Ryan said.

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