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Kentucky to Pay Family of Breonna Taylor $12M

Ana Chauhan, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Officials in Louisville, Kentucky have agreed to pay the family $12m. This settlement is the largest financial sum paid in a police misconduct case in the city’s history.  The settlement includes a multitude of police reforms in the city, making it mandatory for all search warrants to be approved by a senior officer and giving housing credit to officers who move to low-income neighborhoods they patrol in the city.

Since the incident, Breonna Taylor’s name has been featured prominently in anti-racism protests. On March 13th, three officers entered Taylor’s apartment with a no knock search warrant. Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s partner and a licensed gun owner, called 911 in the belief that the police officers were burglars. Amidst the commotion, the officers exchanged fire with Walker. The officers fired approximately 25 bullets, with 8 being shot at Taylor, who was completely unarmed. 

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, is still calling for criminal charges to be made against the officers. One of the officers was fired in June, while the other two were simply put on administrative leave.

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