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Rayshard Brooks, another death as a result of police brutality

Giorgia Turchetti Daily Digest Editor, The Pawprint

On Friday June 12, another black man lost his life at the hands of police brutality. Rayshard Brooks, a 27 year-old father of 4 was sleeping in his car in front of a Wendy’s and was blocking the drive-thru lane. 

Officers then asked Brooks to step out of his vehicle and ran a sobriety and breathalyser test with Brooks’ permission. Officers went to handcuff Brooks who initially resisted the arrest. He grabbed an officer’s Taser and broke free from the officers. 

Brooks turned around and pointed the Taser at both officers before continuing to run. Police officer Garret Rolfe then shot Brooks in the back using a firearm. Rolfe was not arrested nor questioned but instead fired from his position. Rayshard Brooks was taken to the hospital after the incident and died shortly after. 

Following the incident, protesters hit the streets and demanded for immediate action following the incident. The Wendy’s restaurant chain in Atlanta, where the incident took place, was set on fire and fortunately did not result in any injuries or deaths.

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