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The Inconvenient Truth: 7 must-watch environmental documentaries.

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Climate change is one of the biggest issues in 2020. Even though the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic improved the environmental situation, with factories closing and less cars on the streets, climate change is not going away. Without drastic action today, adapting to those impacts in the future would be even more difficult and costly. Here are 7 must-watch documentaries about climate change and ecology in general. 

  1. The True Cost (2015)

This movie is about clothing. It’s about the clothes we wear and the people who make them. The documentary illustrates the impact the industry is having on the environment, and honestly, it is not a really positive impact. It’s no secret that as the price of clothing has been decreasing, the human and environmental costs have been drastically increasing. So the story makes the audience think: “Who really pays the price for our clothes?”

  1. The Story of Stuff (2007)

This short animated documentary is about the lifecycle of material goods. The Story of Stuff reveals the relationship between environmental and social issues, inspiring people to create a more sustainable world. This 20-minute, fast-paced movie full of facts will teach you, make you laugh and will even change your perspective on production, consumption, and all the stuff in your life forever.  

  1. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

It is a Oscar-winning documentary about the environment, in which the former presidential candidate, Al Gore, explains the scientific and political sides of global warming. It basically points out how we, humans, have messed up the planet. It’s also interesting to watch a movie from 2006 in 2020 and compare the predictions to the real world situation.

  1. No Impact Man (2009)

This movie is the story of Colin Beavan, a man who lives a completely “green” lifestyle, giving up all the comforts of modern life, such as electricity, gas-powered transport, public waste disposal and shipped food. Originally, No Impact Man project was about living as sustainably as possible in New York City for a year, but later it transformed into a book and a movie. The project made Colin Beavan free from all societal standards and find a path of meaning and purpose in life.

  1. Home (2009)

The movie shows the unique beauty of our planet contrasting it with the impact of man-made disasters. It depicts how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of Earth and the consequences of climate change with the help of aerial footage from 54 countries.

  1. Rotten (2018)

As people don’t always know where their food comes from, this television show focuses on the issues in food production. This documentary series explores the corruption, waste and even dangers behind our everyday eating habits. Moreover, it even exposes some criminal cases brought against manufacturers, distributors and others involved in the process of supplying food.  

  1. The Ivory Game (2016)

It is a well-known fact that ivory has been a big business for years. While a lot of countries have banned its import and trade due to its disastrous effect on Africa’s elephant population, it still is a symbol of prosperity in China. In this movie undercover filmmakers have documented the deep-rooted corruption under the trade of ivory.

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