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Surfer killed by Great White

Frederique Beck Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Today, Australia’s third fatal shark attack this year occurred off the shores of New South Wales, Salt Beach. At around 10 am local time a 3 meter long Great White bit into a 50-60 year old surfer’s thigh after the shark reportedly bumped other surfers’ boards. 

Another unnamed surfer fought the shark and brought the man back to shore where he bled out and died of his injuries. The man died at around 10:40 am after being brought to shore. 

In the police statements of the attack it said, “He was rendered first aid for serious injuries to his left leg but died at the scene.” 

Police men, who are licenced to kill sharks if they are a threat, were deployed to kill the shark but were unable to. 

This is the third killing this year with no reported killings last year. 

The other killings occurred in April, on the Great Barrier Reef with a 23-year-old and in January, off Western Australia, a 57-year-old. 

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