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Elon Musk’s first launch was victorious

Charlotte Eykerman and Nanor Pontigian Opinion Editor and Science & Tech Editor, The Pawprint

Finally the time has come, on May 30th, Elon Musk’s aerospace company also known as SpaceX has successfully linked up their launch with the International Space Station (ISS) on June 1st. It was a nineteen hour ride which featured the first-ever private spacecraft to attain orbit with people on board. This success has opened up a new chapter for more commercial space endeavors.

Elon Musk was extremely thrilled with the results, “I’m really quite overcome with emotion on this day, so it’s kind of hard to talk, frankly…” He also said, “It’s been 18 years working towards this goal, so it’s hard to believe that it’s happened…”

Once the US astronauts stepped on board of the ISS, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken were warmly greeted by ISS commander and NASA astronaut, Chris Cassidy and by fellow Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner.

President Trump was present during the launch and he found this successful event as a welcoming moment for triumph after the long suffering of political and economic problems caused by COVID-19. He celebrated by playing a lot of his campaign music. 

During his speech, Trump dedicated the first nine minutes of his speech to George Floyd. He said, “We are reminded that America is always in the process of transcending great challenges,” he told space program workers in the hangar. 

“The same spirit of American determination that sends our people into space will conquer this disease on earth. It should have never happened. Nothing, not even gravity itself, can hold Americans down or keep America back.”

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