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Cyber-hackers take advantage of hospital construction companies

Charlotte Eykerman & Nanor Pontigian Opinion Editor and Science & Tech Editor, The Pawprint

Two companies that have been known to build emergency hospitals for COVID-19 have been cyber-attacked early this month. The companies which were attacked were Interserve and Bam Construct. These attacks have been considered not-linked in any way but there are still suspicions. 

The data that was stolen is not clear, but it could be as important as names, addresses and bank details of all clients and workers. 

The US government has warned healthcare groups about these malicious acts targeting hospital companies due to the virus. They said these groups were “seeking to undermine the global response to this unprecedented global health crisis endangering lives”.

According to Bam Construct, these cyber-attacks formed “part of the wave of attacks on public and private organisations supporting the national effort on Covid-19″. The company was forced to shut down it’s website and other systems as a precaution. But, their business is not affected and they’re continuing to work as normal. 

For Interserve, they have said that a few operating systems might be affected, but it is working with the National Cyber Security Center to look for solutions to fix the issue. They have also notified all of their employees, former employees and all clients to “exercise heightened vigilance during this time.”

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