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The most influential fashion icon of the 20th century.

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On Monday, the 4th of May Audrey Hupburn, the fashion icon of the 20th century, would have been 91 years old. Dedicated to her birthday let’s acknowledge her influence in the fashion world.

The actress died of cancer at 63 years old. Her fashion style can be described as lady-like, lovely and, most importantly, unique to her personality. Her dresses were tight around the waist, with high and square necklines and modest fabrics unlike Monroe’s famous sparkly dresses.

Audrey Hepburn was a friend and the muse of Hubert Givenchy. Their partnership created a bond between Hollywood and haute couture, which still lives on today. 

He was the designer who dressed her for her most popular movie roles such as “Sabrina” and “Love in the Afternoon”. Givenchy also designed the famous black dress for the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which made the brand “Tiffany and Co.” extremely popular. 

The dress is well-known as “Audrey Hepburn style” for many fans. However, her style and overall influence in the fashion industry is much more than a costume for one of her iconic roles. Her style moments influence fashion icons even today.

Even though the designer who created the iconic Little Black Dress was Coco Chanel, it was Audrey Hepburn who brought fame to the classic black dress. Eventually, it became a staple piece of clothing for every modern style icon.

Audrey has always had a passion for masculine items of clothing. For instance, she wears a white shirt in man’s style in the movie “Roman Holiday”. Other must-haves in her wardrobe have been cropped classy trousers and ballet pumps. 

She did not care about other people’s opinion on her style. She often wore comfortable and casual clothes, even though it was extremely important to be elegant at that time. Nevertheless, she always had a talent to look stunning whatever she wore.

At the end of the sixties, even though she retired from Hollywood, she still appeared on the set for a few films. She also worked as UNICEF’s special ambassador from 1988 till 1993. Her job was helping children in Latin America and Africa.

If you would like to see more of her iconic style moments I would like to recommend you to watch these movies: “Funny Face”, “Roman Holiday”, “My Fair Lady”, “Sabrina” and, of course, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

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