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The secret behind why India has low COVID-19 death rates

Charlotte Eykerman and Nanor Pontigian Opinion Editor & Science and Tech Editor,The Pawprint

Currently, experts have been asking why India’s death rate from Covid-19 is so low. It has had a lower death rate compared to the rest of the world. Looking at the amount of days that is taking for the number of deaths to double is important. Today, India has about 29,000 confirmed cases with 940 deaths.

Specialists believe that this could be due to the fast precautions that India took. They began their lockdown in late March and it has now lasted for a month. This could have affected the amount of diseases and infections being passed on. 

Other people think that the low death rate is due to India’s young population. That the lack of elders and the decreased risk of dying for the younger citizens, has been helping keep the fatalities extremely low. 
While there have been many theories on why India has a lower death rate globally, the answer is still unclear, it’s one big mystery that no one has the answer to yet. According to Siddhartha Mukherjee, an Indian-American, physician and oncologist said, “To be totally frank, I don’t know and the world doesn’t know the answer. It’s a mystery, I’d say and part of the mystery is we are not doing enough testing. If we tested more then we’d know the answer.

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