DAA Daily

Dubai Reopens

Donna AbouNasr Editor-in- Chief, The Pawprint

Over the past few days, Dubai has been opening up and easing the lockdown restrictions put in place to keep the citizens of Dubai safe from the Covid 19 virus due to the start of Ramadan. 

The changes include opening up malls, restaurants and offices in Dubai, as well as allowing people to leave their homes without the need of a permit. 

While these restrictions have been removed, there are still rules that need to be followed to ensure the safety of the people. While restaurants can now open, they are required to only hold 30% capacity and their tables need to be at least two meters apart. 

Malls have to check the temperature of everyone who enters to ensure they are not sick. 

Offices have also been permitted to open again, however they can only have 30% of their employees at offices. Last but not least, while people are allowed to leave their homes, those under the ages of 12 and over the ages of 60 need to have a family member present as an escort.

For more information, please see the Official Guidelines from the Dubai Government linked here

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