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Europe is taking steps to ease the lockdown

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Several European countries have started making steps in order to ease the strict lockdowns.

Germany’s infection rate has slowed down allowing the government to take the situation under control. As a result, it is reopening small shops and schools will resume for those classes who have their graduation exams coming up. Poland is also reopening small parks and forests while Norway is resuming nursery schools. The open-air markets will be allowed to open in the Czech Republic and the mining and oil industries in Albania are resuming their work.

Italy, the second country with the most coronavirus cases, is also allowing some business, such as bookstores, laundries, and children’s clothing stores, to continue to operate.

However, both Spain and France, the countries with the strictest quarantines, have decided to keep the precautionary measures for a few more weeks. Even though in Spain children will be allowed to have some time outside from next week on.

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