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A silver lining? – DAA updates during COVID

Gina Bagnulo News Editor, The Pawprint 

Dubai American Academy closed its doors at the start of March 2020, and made the decision to move Spring Break two weeks earlier amidst the global outbreak of Coronavirus. 

After these two weeks of Spring Break ended DAA began what has been known around the world as “Online” or “E – learning”, an academic program designed to help students keep up with their studies. This is done by doing daily video conferences with their classes on video call apps, most notably, Zoom. 

In early April, KHDA announced that online learning for schools across the country will extend until the end of the 2019 – 2020 academic year. Naturally after this, DAA admin emailed students announcing the latter. This means that school may or may not resume in September 2020. 

Taking these circumstances into account seniors will not be returning to High School and will continue online learning until April 23 as announced by DAA admin, in light of the global cancellation of the International Baccalaureate exams. For those who do full or partial IB, 11th graders will have to do their IB coursework at home. 10th graders will have to carefully choose their IB courses from home before the start of next school year, and 9th graders will have to adjust to the remainder of the High School workload from home. 

With over two months to go until the end of the school academic year many of the Grade 12 students are waiting to see how events like the Senior Breakfast and Graduation itself will happen. 

It is still not clear whether these events will be virtual or not. 

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