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Stade de Reims doctor Gonzalez commits suicide after contracting COVID-19

Carlos Resino Sports Editor, The Pawprint

Members of the French football club informed today that Ligue 1 club Stade de Reims doctor Bernard Gonzalez has taken his own life after contracting coronavirus. Members of the club discovered today that Gonzalez, who was the chief doctor for the 1st team, had committed suicide. After catching the virus, Gonzalez was put on quarantine with his wife, who had also been contaminated with the disease. He left a letter explaining his decision to commit suicide.

Arnaud Robinet, mayor of Reims, is stunned by the news: “I have strong thoughts for his parents, his wife, his family. He is a collateral victim of COVID-19… I know that he has left a note to explain his decision, but I will ignore the contents of it. He was an engaged and very loving man.”

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