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What a way to end the year for Class of 2020

Gina Bagnulo News Editor, The Pawprint 

With the Coronavirus pandemic, Dubai American Academy has closed its gates for the time being and have moved teaching online. For the senior class of 2020, this could potentially mean not returning to High School as the IB exams have also been cancelled.  

As a senior and a member of DAA’s class of 2020, I can say the outbreak of a pandemic is far from ideal and definitely not the send off from High School we had in mind. Some seniors are not happy at the cancellation of IB exams in which students have studied so hard for, for 2 years, and which are needed for university conditional offers. 

Understandably, in light of the present situation, many seniors have an overall pessimistic view about current events, dreading the cancellation of their High School Graduation and their Senior Prom, of which I have been guilty of myself.

What bothers High School seniors the most is the whole concept of uncertainty especially in regards to graduation and University. Graduation is the final milestone for any high school student, and after finally doing our individual and group graduation photos, seniors felt so close to their special day with just 105 days to go.

Little did they know how events would change in such a short space of time. To put that in perspective, we took our graduation photos 3 weeks before the advised quarantine.

As a result of the advised quarantine, DAA has taken on the worldwide notion of online schooling so as to keep up with school work. This has been said to last until April 5, but could potentially be extended. 

This could possibly mean the end of on campus school for seniors and not being able to see high school friends in person for a long time, maybe until summer. In relation to online schooling, there has also been talk about a, “virtual graduation”, which as previously stated before upsets the senior class most of all. 

However whether the event of graduation takes place or not remains to be seen but is desired due to 12 years of education as well as the feeling of receiving a High School diploma in front of a huge audience. 

The Classes of 2020 all around the world have seen a lot in their lifetime so far. Some commentators suggest that they are “cursed”. Born around 9/11, saw the rise of extreme nationalism, wars against terror, fundamentalism, economic crash of 2008, Donald Trump President and now a global pandemic.

The strength of our class is often overlooked in regards over the timeline of our lives.While we are undoubtedly about to enter into a world of the unknown and an economy with very few jobs, amidst the outbreak of a global pandemic for the first time in 100 years, we have experienced what it means to be resilient , something that we will after we emerge from this chaotic time carry with us for the rest of our lives. We will be remembered for years to come for the resilience we showed.

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  1. love this- too true

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