DAA Daily

Daily Covid 19 Updates

Donna AbouNasr Editor-in- Chief, The Pawprint 

Last updated: April 20th 2020 10:10am

Worldwide statistics:

Overall cases: 2,407,439

Recoveries: 625,202

Deaths: 165,073


In the UAE:

Overall cases: 6,781

Current cases: 5,454

Recoveries: 1,286

Deaths: 41

Precautions and advice from the government: 

> All malls and shops have been closed down in the UAE until further notice in order to keep people safe from the covid19 pandemic.

> supermarkets and pharmacies are open 24/7 

> flights have been cancelled 

> borders have been shut down. No one can enter the UAE until further notice.

> people are advised not to leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary.

> people are advised to stay out of hospitals unless absolutely necessary and if they go they should wear masks. 

> it is advised that only three people be present per car.> there is now a home quarantine across the UAE. No one is allowed on the streets except those who have 

> Quarantine is in place, and people are not allowed on the streets without a permit.


Top 10 Countries (based on overall cases): 


Overall cases: 764,265

Current cases: 652,688

Recoveries: 71,012

Deaths: 20,565



Overall cases: 198,674

Current cases: 100,864

Recoveries: 77,357

Deaths: 20,453



Overall cases: 178,972

Current cases: 108,257

Recoveries: 47,055

Deaths: 23,660



Overall cases: 152,894

Current cases: 96,598

Recoveries: 36,578

Deaths: 19,718



Overall cases: 145,742

Current cases: 53,100

Recoveries: 88,000

Deaths: 4,642



Overall cases: 120,067

Current cases: 103,663

Recoveries: N/A

Deaths: 16,060



Overall cases: 86,306

Current cases: 72,313

Recoveries: 11,976

Deaths: 2,017



Overall cases: 82,747

Current cases: 1,031

Recoveries: 77,084

Deaths: 4,632



Overall cases: 82,211

Current cases: 20,070

Recoveries: 57,023

Deaths: 5,118



Overall cases: 42,853

Current cases: 39,201

Recoveries: 3,291

Deaths: 361


Here at the Pawprint we hope everyone is being safe and taking care of themselves during these unprecedented times.

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