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How to host a Netflix Party TV Night remotely during the quarantine

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A new chrome extension, Netflix Party, has made remote watching of Netflix with your friends possible. 

The extension synchronizes the video and adds a group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. So your show or movie will start up at the same time as everyone else in the group. If someone pauses the video, it pauses and resumes for the rest of the group too. And everyone can chat about the movie or show in real time as you would have while being physically together at someone’s house.

You can start using the streaming service right now, it is really simple! All you need to do is to download the free Google Chrome extension, turn on the entertainment of choice on Netflix, and share the link with your friends.

Netflix Party has become really popular since the Ministries of Health all around the world have encouraged self-isolation. As demand for streaming and the pressure on internet service providers have increased, Netflix will lower the video quality in all European countries for the next 30 days.

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