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Former Real Madrid president dies after contracting coronavirus

Mario Tawfik & Carlos Resino Sports Editors, The Pawprint

Lorenzo Sanz, the former president of Real Madrid who helped return the Spanish club to victory in Europe’s top competition, has died from the notorious COVID-19 best known as coronavirus, on Saturday, 21st of March, in Madrid at the age of 76. 

Sanz was admitted to a Madrid hospital on Tuesday with a fever. He tested positive for the virus as he also had kidney failure, according to the local news reports. Madrid has accounted for 60% of the 1750 deaths in Spain, making Madrid the epicentre of the coronavirus in Spain. 

In a message released by the club, Mr. Pérez lamented the loss of Mr. Sanz, as well as the fact that Spain’s lockdown to fight the coronavirus made it impossible to pay full homage to Mr. Sanz for the time being. 

In reference to the 1998 Champions League victory, Mr. Perez said that Mr. Sanz would be remembered by Real Madrid’s fans as “the president who brought us back hope and joy.” he added, “Real Madrid got back the place that belonged to it in history.” referencing winning the Champions League only 2 years later. 

Lorenzo Sanz helped Real Madrid win their first Champions League in 32 years in 1998. The game took place at the Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam on May 20th. The game featured Spanish Real Madrid and Italy’s Juventus. Real Madrid won 1-0. 

Lorenzo Sanz also helped Real Madrid win their second Champions league two years later. The game took place May 24th. The game took place at Stade de France. The final featured Real Madrid and Valencia. It was the first time in Champions League history that two teams from the same country competed in the final. The final result was 3-0 for Real Madrid with goals scored by Raul, Morientes and McManaman.

Mr. Sanz’s titles also won the 2000/01 La Liga title.

With Sanz at the helm, the basketball team also won the Spanish basketball league in 1999-2000.

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