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As the coronavirus slows travel, air pollution decreases

Aline Pawzfeed / Pawdcast Editor, The Pawprint

Despite the chaos and worry about the Coronavirus around the world there are strange benefits that have occured. The stop of  boat traffic in Venice has caused the canal waters to have cleared up. Air pollution has plummeted in China despite unprecedented lockdowns. Mobs of monkeys and deers in Thailand and Japan are wandering streets now empty of visitors.

The Coronavirus pandemic is closing down countries all over the world, causing a dramatic decrease in air pollution in major cities as countries impose tighter quarantines and restrictions on travel. Yet experts say the unintentional decline in air pollution from the virus outbreak is only temporary. 

At the start of the outbreak, satellite images from NASA’s Earth Observatory show substantial declines in emissions throughout China and Italy, as travel restrictions in those countries interrupt air, rail and road transport.

Scientists argue that the long-term effect on climate change from the coronavirus pandemic would depend on how countries and companies react to an economic crisis.

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