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The most extraordinary fashion show sets

Belize Engstrom Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Contrary to the popular opinion that a fashion show is simply about the clothes, the venue/setting and theme also plays a major role in order to create a successful catwalk. Top brands like Chanel, Jacquemus, Dior and Fendi have perfected the art of making  their set reflect their clothing. A set can really speak about a designer’s clothing and perhaps where the designer got their inspiration from. Whether it is fall/winter or spring/summer collection this is often shown in the fashion show sets. Here are some runways that really have perpetrated this:

Chanel 2018 spring collection 

Chanel built an indoor waterfall in the Grand Palais and showed off plastic-encased accessories, as well as the Spring 2018 collection.

Chanel 2019 spring collection

Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais Karl Lagerfield built a tropical beach with fake waves and let the girls let loose and take off their shoes. Lagerfeld’s sur la plage show, demonstrated relatable fashion and some of Chanel’s most iconic looks with a modern twist to it,  like the power suit and the flap bag. 

Chanel 2010 fall collection

Going back 10 years in fashion but a moment to remember, the artic set, made by a team of 35 sculptors (some of whom were also responsible for Sweden’s Ice Hotel).  It was creative director Karl Lagerfeld’s commentary on global warming—as the show progressed, models in fur walked through the melting ’berg’s puddles.

Dior 2014 Spring collection

As Dior is known for their obsession with florals, Raf Simons put together an indoor botanical garden where the 2014 spring collection was to be showcased. 

The set of the fashion was reflected back into the clothing as the show featured a lot of botanical colours. 

Now onto some of the most amazing places where fashion show have been set. 

Jacquemus 2020 spring/summer collection

On Jacquemus 10th anniversary the Fashion show was held amidst the lavender fields in Valensole, Provence. The catwalk showcased many light pastel colors, giving the whole collection a summery feel. Not only did the collection create this mood, the setting helped create this summery sense as well . 

Yves Saint Laurent 2020 spring ready to wear

In Front of the Eiffel tower, set under the night sky with striking lights Yves Saint Laurent 2020 spring ready to wear was held. The models walking down the runway were dressed in Yves Saint Laurent’s interpretation of hippie glam. 

Fendi 2007 Great Wall of China show

After 12 months of planning and preparations Fendi managed to create the world’s  longest runway. Fendi’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld made an historical event in fashion by doing this.

The show featured an exclusive mini collection designed especially for the special event, alongside selected looks from Fendi’s highly-acclaimed spring/summer 2008 collection.

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