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Wilder falls to Fury in devastating second fight

Tarak Malhotra Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On the 22nd of February, Deontay Wilder faced Tyson Fury for their second fight after their draw in December of 2018. Both men prior to the fight were undefeated, but Fury was the only one holding that accolade at the end of the night. 

Their fight in December sparked controversy, many arguing that Fury deserved the win. At the end of the first fight, 27 well-known boxing journalists scored the fight. 15 scored in favor of Fury winning the bout, three scored for Wilder to win and nine decided on a draw. Both Wilder and Fury fought in the interim before their rematch, Wilder winning on a 12-round unanimous decision against Otto Wallin (20-0, 13 KOs,) and Fury scoring a second-round TKO on Tom Shwarz (24-0, 16 KOs.) Both boxers called each other out after their win against their respective opponents.

Fury, similar to his last fight, established his jab in the early rounds, also managing to evade many of Wilder’s shots. Fury knocked down Wilder with a right-hand to the head late in the third round. Wilder beat the count but was visibly dazed, as a cut opened up near his left ear. Fury followed up with a second knockdown in the fifth round, landing a quick one-two combination, the knockdown blow coming from a left hook to the body. Wilder made it back onto his feet but couldn’t find a reply, as he was bleeding from the mouth as well as the ear. The fight was stopped in the middle of the seventh round after a flurry of shots from Fury forced Wilder’s corner to throw in the towel to avoid further punishment.  

At the time of the stoppage, Fury landed 82 of his 267 punches thrown (31%,) including 58 out of 160 power punches (36%.) Wilder landed 34 of his 141 punches thrown (24%,) including 18 out of 55 power punches (33%.) 

The two will face once more in July to complete the blockbuster trilogy. Wilder is looking to change trainer for their third fight. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has offered to coach the ‘Bronze Bomber.’ “If I train him, I can teach him how to win,” Mayweather said at a Q&A event in England when asked if Wilder could beat Fury. 

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