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Top Three Women in Christian Dior’s Life

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

“Aristocratic, refined, and with elegant manners:” these are the qualities that a perfect woman for Dior would have. Over the legendary couturier’s life, he was surrounded by many women who inspired him on the creation of his masterpieces. All of them were very different. But every one of them influenced him that much that even today perfumers and designers of the “Dior” fashion house dedicate their creations to these three women.

  1. Madeleine Dior

The first muse of Christian Dior was his mother – Marie-Madeleine Dior. He liked to walk with his mother in their garden and pick flowers. He could have been arranging flowers for hours. In fact, his mother’s favorite flowers were lilies. Consequently, they were Dior’s talisman. The couturier sued lilies on the hems of his creations for good luck and decorated the lapel of his blazer with them during fashion shows.

Unfortunately, she was not able to see his work while she was alive. In 1931 she passed away from cancer. His first collection of clothes and perfumes was dedicated to Marie-Madeleine Dior: his standard of beauty, elegance, and good manners. 

  1. Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich and Christian Dior met each other during the first Dior show in 1947. Many people were surprised by their friendship and collaboration due to the fact that Marlene Dietrich had been a regular customer of Coco Chanel, Dior’s main competitor. She constantly judged him for his too heavy skirts and tight waists.

However, Marlene Dietrich was impressed by the young designer’s elegance of clothes and fell in love with them. She decided that she wanted to wear more feminine clothes and started to slowly depart from her usual pantsuits. From that moment on, Dietrich was filmed only in Dior clothes. For instance, when Hitchcock offered her a role in his movie Stage Fright, she said that she would take part in it only if she was wearing Dior’s clothes in the movie. The quote “No Dior, No Dietrich” became a legendary one, and Hitchock was forced to agree to her requirements.

  1. Mitzah Bricard

No one really knew who this proud woman that liked leopard print and high heels was. Some people thought she was from a rich Romanian family, others linked her to the Austrian Empire’s Dynasty. The only thing that is certain is that she always had fun, never got up earlier than noon, made elegance the purpose of her life and was not afraid of bright accessories like a leopard scarf.

She was not only a muse of Dior but his good friend and adviser. Her fearlessness inspired Dior for a predator prints collection. Dior and Bricard’s friendship often inspired modern designers of the “Dior” fashion house. In 2012, perfumer Francois Dimachy presented a perfume called “Mitzah,” and a year before that, Dior introduced a makeup line dedicated to her, the main theme of which was leopard print, of course.

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